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gET YOUR $2,000 p/M LEAD GEN WEBSITE today

Want to generate passive income from a website that automatically sells leads to local businesses around the world? Let us create a lead gen website for you today. 

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What is Lead Gen Profits all about?

Lead Gen Profits was founded in 2021, as a result of a growing network generated during the pandemic in 2020. Many businesses suffered loss of customers nationwide, everywhere, from plumbers, roofers, lawyers, martial art schools, mechanics, driving instructors and more. 

Many businesses failed when lockdown restrictions lifted, and the main reason why is because of lack of customers. How can a business compete when the phones aren’t ringing and people are not stepping foot into the store? 

Lead Gen profits was made to help local businesses generate sales by finding people in these industries, and offering these businesses “leads”.  When we offer these leads to the local businesses, they now have the opportunity to turn them into loyal customers, without having to spend a fortune. 

Which one of these actions makes sense for a local business:

1. Buy steaming hot leads from people looking to buy their product/service 

2. Spend hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on flyers, billboards, social media adverts, and paid ads, hoping to land a few customers

If you answered 1, you are correct. It is much more cost effective for any business, big or small, to buy qualified leads from people already interested in the product/service than to start from scratch and spend thousands more on “cold” customers who may or may not require the offer. 


What’s Included with the order?

Your Lead Gen Profits Purchase

Each order with us comes with a full website creation. We will create a lead gen website for you in a profitable local business industry. These industries could be:

  • Plumbers
  • Lawyers
  • Private dentists
  • Roofers
  • Mechanics
  • Drivng instructors

Once you have a website made, we will do the marketing and SEO for you to help you generate leads for these local businesses and automatically sell these leads to businesses looking for hot leads to purchase. Each lead can be sold for £20 – £200 depending on the business, industry, customer value, and effort required to generate leads. 

About Us

Lead Gen Profits was founded in 2020 and has helped clients around the world with their local marketing efforts. We’ve helped industries around the world to generate new paying customers, from plumbers, to roofers, to dog groomers. 

Our vision is to help companies thrive during lockdown, and what better way to do that then to also turn a healthy profit. Best of both worlds! We’ve helped companies survive the pandemic, and they continue growing to this day. 

Lead Gen Profits is all about delivering high quality sales through a fully functional local website that generates leads on autopilot. We do all the work for you, so that you can rest back, and enjoy the ride!


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